Through the screen door I thought I heard a cat meowing so I grabbed my cell phone and took a look out on the balcony. It was a cute gray squirrel lying on the handrail talking to another squirrel I guess. Her nose was itching so she was scratching it and rubbing it on the rail at 3:39. This noisy critter was Shorty, a momma squirrel with a short tail, I've been feeding her and the others for over a year now. At the end of the video she jumps off screen and has a crash but she was ok. :)
Meowing Eastern Gray Squirrel - Shorty the Squirrel. 
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Shorty the Squirrel Meowing on patio rail
Is that a cat meowing or a squirrel? Who's on the balcony?
Shorty the squirrel on patio rail - mama squirrel
It's Shorty the momma squirrel.


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