Key West, off the tip of Florida, is the southernmost city in the contiguous United States and is about 95 miles north of Cuba. Commonly known as "the Florida Keys" or "the keys".  While exploring the best beach in Key West on a bright, sunny day, I soaked up the lovely tropical views that surrounded me and admired an old, rugged U.S. Navy ship on display at the fort's dock.
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I spotted a lady posing for pictures under the palm trees just as a boat was passing by, I snapped the picture.
Tourist posing for photos on the beach under the palm trees. An old WW II U.S. Navy Ship, USS Mohawk.
Close-up shots of the decommissioned Navy ship known as "Mighty Mo".
Interested in learning more about this Navy Ship?
1) A great website with info on the USS Mohawk and Veterans Memorial Reef.
2) Decommissioned Navy ship USS Mohawk's final resting place
3) USS Mohawk decommissioned and sunk off the coast of Florida
4) "Life moves in quick on USCG USS Mohawk" video by Brian Dombrowski of

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