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Before my path led me to becoming a photographer and candlemaker I was a hairstylist, an I.T. manager and a member of the U.S. Air Force and Air Force Honor Guard. All of those experiences were wonderful and have helped shape the artist in me today. 

Wildlife - Nature - Places - Events - Still Life
Laura Captain Photography
As a photographer I take the time to really look at my subject and find the best feature or unique quality that will capture its essence. While you browse through my photos you just may find that special something you have been looking for.
It's exciting to share with you that some of my photos have been published in Florida Guide books. See "Published Works & Awards" to read the stories and view the photos.
The below quote came to me several years ago but I haven't forgotten it. Sometimes when inspiration strikes it doesn't involve using my camera, simply paper and pen. This photography quote is available for purchase as a download.
quote - memories are your mind's photographs by laura captain

Luxury Candles - Unique Wax Melts - Rustic Fire Starters
Smells Fabulous Wax Goods
While experimenting with candle making I realized that I really enjoyed it and loved getting creative with custom fragrances and product designs, hence my journey as a chandler began.
I am really looking forward to launching my candle business, Smells Fabulous Wax Goods, later this year. By trial and error, I have found out that there are no shortcuts to making exceptional products. I insist that safe, high quality materials are used and that products are properly tested.
A behind-the-scenes look at my workshop where I hand pour and decorate scented container candles, wax melts and fire starters that really do smell fabulous. Hey, I'm not the only one who thinks so, my friends and family have told me that too so it must be true, LOL.
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