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I love to create nice looking photos and also wax products that smell fabulous and make people smile. :)
After experimenting with candle making I realized that I really enjoy it and love getting creative with custom fragrances and product designs. I have found there are no shortcuts to making exceptional wax products. As a chandler, I insist that high quality supplies are used and that products are properly tested.
As a photographer I take the time to really look at my subject and find the best feature or unique quality that will capture its essence. Subjects I seem to gravitate to are people, animals, flowers, nature, autos and architecture. When you explore my photography galleries, you may find that special something you have been looking for.
Worked in Information Technology, was in the Air Force and Air Force Honor Guard. Have resided in North Dakota, Minnesota and Florida. Was born and raised in East Tennessee and currently live there in the Smoky Mountains.

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