The Project: Crop Versions, Get 3 Photos Out Of 1 Image
I encounter a variety of wildlife and waterfowl right in my backyard as well as down the road in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. I was able to photograph and record this heron swallowing a fish for a few seconds and then continue to wade in the water before it flew off.
I was on the other side of the river leaning against a tree and zoomed in to get this shot. I turned this photo into a mini project by creating a few different crops, a closeup vertical crop and a wide horizontal crop. I am pleased with the way the crops turned out and they will allow for multiple uses of the image.
This is the main photo that the other images were cropped from. It focuses on the Great Blue Heron in its overall environment.
The closeup vertical crop focuses on the bird and its reflection. I love that this particular image showcases the profile of this colorful, beautiful bird with its yellow eyes and "S" shaped neck. Such a lovely creature.
The wide horizontal crop focuses on the bird and its natural environment. I liked the way the sunlight was shining on the bank and the quiet, still water while creating a frame around the heron.


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