I make beautiful wax products and photos, 
let me show you.​​​​
Making Candles in the Smells Fabulous Workshop
Fabulous smelling handmade scented candles, wax melts and fire starters.
Hand Poured Luxury Candles / Unique Wax Melts / Rustic Fire Starters
My candle company iSmells Fabulous Wax Goods.
I will be stocking my shops with products later this year. 
There are no shortcuts to making exceptional wax products. As a chandler, I insist that high quality supplies are used and that products are properly tested.
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​​​​​​​~~~  PHOTOGRAPHY  ~~~
Professional Photos / Casual Snapshots / Product Photography
People - Animals - Flowers - Nature - Landscapes - Places - Candles - Wax Melts - Fire Starters
I take the time to really look at my subject and find the best feature or unique quality that will capture its essence. When you explore my photography galleries you may find that special something you have been looking for.
>>>  You can browse my photos on this site or visit one of my shops listed below.  <<<
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