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September 4, 2021 : By Laura Captain
I have something exciting on my mind that I would like to share with everyone. You never know when something like this can have a great impact on someone's life. It's a simple and unique way to make money by showing your work, whatever that may be, within the Terms of Service of course.
For any photographers on here, and you don't have to be a pro, would you like the opportunity to make some money with your photos even while you sleep?
This also applies to artists, graphic designers and crafters, basically anyone that creates things and puts them online. There are a lot of possibilities, get creative, but you must upload only your own photos or you will be banned. You can't use other people's work, free stock photos or etc., you have to be the creator and copyright owner of the images you upload.
I'm a photographer and I'm earning money with my photos. I just received a payment check the other day. It wasn't a huge amount and it did take a while for it to accumulate but I did get paid for people viewing my photos. It's not a get rich quick scheme and you probably won't make tons of money but it's better than just showing your photos for free, or even worse, someone else making money from your photos. And there are several ways for you to make money on ClickASnap with your own web page. As an example, here's my ClickASnap web page.
What is ClickASnap you ask? It's the world's first, paid-per-view image sharing platform and online marketplace. I'll explain a little bit here and I'll point you to sources that already have a lot of information and articles that you can explore as well as all the information found on

- 1) Share Your Work -
Upload your photos, of whatever it is that you do, to your ClickASnap web page. Every time someone clicks on one of your photos to enlarge it and views it for at least 5 seconds or more you earn money. Be aware that spamming, bots, click circles or anything like it are prohibited and will get you banned. Cheating the system and shady deals are not allowed, period.

- 2) Sell Your Work -
List your photos as digital downloads, prints, wall art and merchandise such as coffee mugs, key rings and magnets.

- 3) Buy Photos and Merchandise - 
Decorate your home and accessorize your life with photos you'll love. Shop for unique and playful gifts for a special occasion. Choose from high quality photo prints, wall art, coffee mugs, key rings and magnets.

- Additional Sources of Information -
Get Paid For Your Work on ClickASnap -
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Photo Credit: Tom Oswald, CEO and founder of ClickASnap
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